Our mission is to build a knowledgable and trustworthy platform for Students

Lack of knowledge, guidance and resources are the issues that we Indian students can feel and relate to, we can learn a lot from the experience of others, and keeping these things in mind we have created this platform so that each and every student of India can learn with the experience of others. Through this platform, we all can improve our knowledge and expand our network and can get our doubts cleared with the experts so that it will lead to a better learning world for all of us.

Students can anytime request for new Space (Category) if they want in addition to those which are already added by connecting with us through the contact us page. We are always open for your contributions to our platform and appreciate all our contributors by sending our customized goodies to your doorstep. Some top contributors can get monetary benefits from this platform so if you are genuinely contributing to our site with amazing and knowledgeable stuff our team will contact you and then we can further discuss the opportunities and positions you can opt for.

Looking forward to your contribution so that we can welcome you to our team. If you feel like any suggestion you have related to the layout or functions of this platform so that we can make it better please feel free to contact our founder on LinkedIn by clicking- HERE

A Message from Founder

As a student, I can feel and understand the struggle to get the right information from a relevant source. I created this platform to build a better learning world, where we can learn from the experiences of others.

jatin batra (founder)